What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

People are often concerned as to what is a real dental emergency. Professional dentists will never turn somebody away for treatment, but is is helpful to understand what procedures can be put off for awhile, and which ones are serious enough to have to be taken care of right away.

If You Have A Fractured Tooth

A fractured tooth in not necessarily always an emergency, in many cases it is. If the fracture seems severe, or you are in a great deal of pain, go ahead and have the dentist see you right away.

Swelling That Is Serious

If there is swelling that seems to happen suddenly, it could be an indication of infection, and take a look at the inside of your mouth. If the gums, or any area around them are swollen, it should be taken as and emergency, and you should call a dentist immediately.

If You Have Your Tooth Knocked Out Of Your Mouth

The first thing to do is to apply a compress to stop the bleeding, and try to find the tooth if you can. Call the dentist right away and bring the tooth to the appointment, as it might be possible to re-implant the tooth.

If The Tooth Is Extruded

An extruded tooth is a tooth that has been displaces from where it originally was positioned, perhaps pushed backward or forward. Don’t make any attempts to adjust it yourself, but get in to the dentist as promptly as possible and let him decide what to do.

dental emergency care in rochester nyIf You Have A Tooth That Is Abscessed

An abscessed tooth will have swelling, discoloration, and pus forming around the area. It can also be very painful. This is definitely an emergency from a dental standpoint. The area can become very infected very quickly, and it needs attention right away.

If you have any doubts at all about a dental condition, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we can clarify very quickly what you should do. If you have an emergency in progress, you should be prepared to come to our office right away. If not, we’ll set an appointment, and look forward to seeing you at that time.


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