Treating Tooth Pain Is One Of Our Specialties

Everyone wants to live a life free of tooth troubles. As dentists, we don’t stand in the way of that dream – we want to help make it a reality for all of our patients! Tooth pain is one of the dental troubles that many people try to ignore. It’s much better to consult a professional and address the source of the pain than to try and “tough it out.”

The Potential Causes Of Tooth Pain

Ordinary tooth decay is at the root of most tooth pain. Cavities, abscesses, bacterial infections, or damage to dental fillings can all cause long-term tooth pain. Signs of serious trouble include long-term pain, (lasting more than a day or two) fever, headache, difficulty opening the jaws, (including an increase in the intensity of other symptoms when the mouth is opened wide) and persistent foul tastes.

Because most of the different causes of chronic tooth pain are significant and can get worse if left untreated, it’s important to contact a dentist when experiencing the symptoms listed above. Immediate treatment is the easiest way to alleviate pain and prevent more serious dental trouble.

The Importance Of Professional Care For Toothaches

Depending on the root cause of tooth pain, dentists can take several different steps to provide effective treatment. First, we’ll perform a comprehensive physical exam to identify the source of the problem. X-rays may or may not be necessary. Damaged fillings will be repaired. If a cavity is to blame, a new filling will be installed. Antibiotics are prescribed to deal with bacterial infections of the teeth or gums. In certain cases, we can even use cold laser treatment to direct alleviate pain and swelling.

As dentists, we see patients who delay too much before calling us all too often. Don’t be one of these unfortunates! Get in touch with us as soon as you experience persistent tooth pain. We can find out what your problem is and fix it fast.