Emergency Dental Care Services: On Your Schedule, Not Ours!

They’re not called emergencies because they’re easy to plan for and there’s a lot of advanced notice. Dental emergencies can be especially troubling. There’s pain, there can be root and tooth damage, and there’s a race against the clock to minimize the damage.

So what are you supposed to do when the local dental offices are are closed or booked up for weeks to come? We understand that dental emergencies are just that: emergencies. You can’t wait several weeks for an appointment to open up, and you’re not going to ignore the pain.

Dental emergencies are emergencies, and we understand with sympathy and compassion. No one likes having a damaged tooth or a sudden injury that causes root damage, severe pain, or any combination of these things. That’s why we believe in getting you in as quickly as possible when an emergency does occur.

Call our Rochester dental office and let us know about the situation. While we can’t know for sure what needs to be done until the in-office examination and possible x-rays, giving us an idea of how the injury took place can help us more quickly figure out the likely actions we need to take to help you out.

You want pain relief, you want any dental damage contained, and if we can save the tooth we want to do that, too. Emergency dental care never comes at a convenient time, but we’re here to try and meet as many of your needs as possible!

Never put off needed dental care. A small problem can become a huge one, and while the pain might go away for a little bit, the issue will never get better without proper dental attention. Let our caring and experienced professionals take care of any emergency issues you have and help restore that smile to its full toothy beauty!