Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

Are you prepared for a dental emergency? This may seem like a silly question but it happens to hundreds of people each day. Unfortunately, most of these people are not prepared for this type of an emergency.

One of the main things that you need to know about a dental emergency is that you need to contact your dentist as soon as possible. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is to have all of his contact information on your phone. This will allow you to make an appointment.

Most people do not realize that the majority of dentists set aside a bit of time each day for emergencies. Therefore, never assume that your dentist will be too busy to see if you have a dental emergency. A dental emergency takes priority in most dental offices.

When you have a dental emergency there are things that you can do while you wait for your appointment. Obviously, if you are in pain you will need to take some type of pain medication. It should be noted that you can probably save your tooth if you see the dentist within the first two hours.

If you have a tooth that has been knocked out of your mouth you will need to visit your dentist immediately. Make sure that you pick up the tooth by the crown and do not touch any part of an exposed root. Take the tooth and gently wash it in lukewarm water. Do not try to scrub the tooth clean or remove any of the attached tissue.

If you are doing this in a sink make sure that you have the drain cover in place so as to not accidentally wash your tooth down the drain. Then take your choose with you to your dental appointment.

Emergency Dental Care Services: On Your Schedule, Not Ours!

They’re not called emergencies because they’re easy to plan for and there’s a lot of advanced notice. Dental emergencies can be especially troubling. There’s pain, there can be root and tooth damage, and there’s a race against the clock to minimize the damage.

So what are you supposed to do when the local dental offices are are closed or booked up for weeks to come? We understand that dental emergencies are just that: emergencies. You can’t wait several weeks for an appointment to open up, and you’re not going to ignore the pain.

Dental emergencies are emergencies, and we understand with sympathy and compassion. No one likes having a damaged tooth or a sudden injury that causes root damage, severe pain, or any combination of these things. That’s why we believe in getting you in as quickly as possible when an emergency does occur.

Call our Rochester dental office and let us know about the situation. While we can’t know for sure what needs to be done until the in-office examination and possible x-rays, giving us an idea of how the injury took place can help us more quickly figure out the likely actions we need to take to help you out.

You want pain relief, you want any dental damage contained, and if we can save the tooth we want to do that, too. Emergency dental care never comes at a convenient time, but we’re here to try and meet as many of your needs as possible!

Never put off needed dental care. A small problem can become a huge one, and while the pain might go away for a little bit, the issue will never get better without proper dental attention. Let our caring and experienced professionals take care of any emergency issues you have and help restore that smile to its full toothy beauty!

See A Dentist If You Are Experiencing Persistent Jaw Pain

A woman with jaw painAre you experiencing persistent pain or discomfort in your jaw? If so, do not just try to ignore the pain or mask it by taking painkillers. Such pain can be a sign of a serious dental problem that could threaten your health, or even your life. You need to call our Rochester dental office right away to make an appointment so that we can diagnose the problem.

Many patients just try to ignore the pain for as long as possible in the hope that it will go away on its own. They may be more afraid of visiting the dentist than they are of the pain. However, this is not the right approach. We need to examine your teeth and jaw so that we can give you the treatment that you need.

In many cases, such jaw pain is a sign of an infection. Left untreated, such infections can become quite serious. A dental abscess, for example, can damage your teeth to such an extent that the only course of action is to extract them. By treating the abscess promptly, your teeth can be saved.

There are other problems that can lead to persistent pain in your jaw. For example, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep. Many patients do not even realize that they are doing this. Over time, this can wear down your teeth and cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

We can examine your teeth for the characteristic pattern of wear that indicates that you are grinding your teeth. By fitting you with a special splint that you wear at night, we can help you eliminate this habit. Many patients find that their pain starts to go away almost immediately after they start wearing the splint.

Another possible cause of jaw pain is a problem with your temporomandibular joint. This is the joint where your jawbone connects to your skull. If there is some weakness in this area, it can cause significant pain. Have you noticed that your jaw tends to pop? This can indicate a TMJ problem.

Do not ignore jaw pain or just rely on painkillers. We can help you diagnose the problem and recommend a course of action that will deal with the root cause of your discomfort.

Call our Rochester emergency dental office today to make an appointment so that you can enjoy a pain-free life again.

Do You Have Facial Swelling?

A woman with facial swelling from a dental abscessFacial swelling can be the sign of a very serious dental emergency so make sure to contact a dentist immediately for a complete examination.

If facial swelling is bothering you, then you need to visit a dentist immediately. Facial swelling is a strong sign of infection. Many dental patients like you experience swelling and discomfort due to infections in the teeth or gums. As infections can spread very quickly, it is important for you to come get dental treatment as soon as possible.

There are many different sources of tooth infection, and any of them can cause swelling. In most cases, swelling is a sign that the infection has begun to spread. If you do not get treatment quickly, the swelling can spread to your eyes, neck, chin and other places. Fortunately, you can avoid a trip to the hospital if you act quickly.

In some cases, dental infections can become fatal when they go untreated. As the infection spreads, it is very possible for it to get into your bloodstream. Once your blood is poisoned with the infection, you may face serious risks. This information is not to scare you, but rather to educate you on the importance of quickly seeking our dental treatment.

One very common source of facial swelling is a tooth abscess. This common infection can be a very painful infection that typically occurs within the root of the tooth. In some cases, it may also happen between the gum and tooth. Abscesses occur when bacteria becomes trapped in these locations. This bacteria is most commonly caused by significant tooth decay that is left untreated. We can quickly treat a tooth abscess to eliminate the infection and symptoms.

In addition to facial swelling, swollen glands in the neck are a prominent sign of tooth infection. As the roots of teeth become infected, the swelling can spread downward. You may experience swelling in both areas or just one area. It is important to call for treatment even if you only have swelling in your neck. These symptoms should both be treated quickly.

At the first sign of facial swelling, call our Rochester, NY dental office to speak with someone who will assist you. Make sure to list your symptoms so that we can get an accurate feel of what is wrong. With this information we can determine whether you need emergency treatment or not. In any case, we will be able to provide you with thorough care that meets your needs. Treating dental problems is a serious matter, so act quickly to get optimal results.

Five Emergencies A Dentist Can Treat

A dentist performing dental services on a patientDental emergencies can happen at any given time. It is best to have a dentist that you can go to in order to deal with and treat any type of dental emergency that you may have.

Below we will discuss five different dental emergencies that a dentist should be able to treat.

1. Lost Filling

If you lose a filing, the first thing that you need to do is wash out the cavity with warm and salty water. You can take a cotton ball or cotton pad and press it tightly against the empty cavity. A dentist should be able to treat this type of emergency fairly easily and quickly.

2. Lose a Crown or Cap

This type of emergency happens all the time. Missing a crown or cap likely will not trigger too bad of a pain that you will need to take medication. However, if left untreated, it can begin to cause significant pain. It is best to get this type of problem situated and fixed immediately or else it could spiral into a larger problem. A reputable dentist should be able to replace your crown and/or cap.

3. Chipped or Broken Tooth

The first thing that you are going to need to do in this situation is save the chipped or broken tooth. After your tooth is secured, you will want to wash your mouth out with warm and salty water. It is important to rinse off the tooth that has been displaced thoroughly. If you are experiencing bleeding in the area, you will need to utilize a gauze pad or a cotton ball in order to stop the bleeding. Press firmly against the tooth/area that is bleeding and try to control it. Once you do this, you can go to a dentist and they will be able to repair your chipped and/or broken tooth.

For more information about our emergency services visit:

Don’t Delay In Getting The Dental Treatment You Need

A dental professional treating a patientWhy Waiting To Get Treatment When You Have A Dental Emergency Is A Bad Idea

A severe toothache, broken tooth, or another type of medical emergency is not something to take lightly. At first you might think that the dental emergency is simply a cosmetic problem, but the truth this type of emergency presents a serious health risk as well. The reason being that if you allow any type of medical emergency to develop without being treated your body may suffer serious consequences.

For instance, if you have major swelling in your gum or find yourself bleeding uncontrollably that is a sign that you need to visit the dentist immediately. Infections can easily spread around the mouth causing the rest of your oral hygiene to suffer. Not only is your oral hygiene at risk, but other areas of your body may be damaged as well. Should the infection spread down the tongue and to the throat it could create an infection in your esophagus. Imagine your throat closing when you eat food, it is not a comfortable feeling. Some infections can become so severe to the point where a person cannot breath down his or her mouth, which can cause a person to almost suffocate.

The moment you feel a part of your mouth becomes so severely damaged that you need to visit a dentist or the emergency room it is recommended you go without hesitation. People with minor health issues related to their oral hygiene are recommended to visit a dentist as well. Studies have revealed a direct correlation between oral hygiene and the function of the heart. Take proper care of your oral hygiene to avoid infections or any other health detriments. The longer you allow a problem to persist the more you are putting your body at risk, so visit a dentist listed at for a dental emergency the first chance you get.

Emergency Cracked Tooth Repair in Rochester, NY

A man in pain from a cracked toothWhen A Cracked Tooth Is A Dental Emergency

If you are suffering from a cracked or chipped tooth you are probably wondering if you should contact a dentist right away or just wait it out til you can get an appointment. Below are the things that you should consider in making this decision.

One sign that you should seek emergency dental services is if you are experiencing a lot of pain. One reason is that there really is no reason to suffer when there are options available to you. Additionally, if you are in pain there may be a larger, underlying issue that needs immediate attention. Finally, as you know, if anything in your mouth hurts it will be nearly impossible to eat, drink or sleep until the problem is fixed.

Another reason that you should seek emergency services for a cracked tooth is that you may cause more damage than already exists before you can be seen by your regular dentist. A cracked tooth leaves the inside of your tooth open to the risk of becoming infected by food and germs that can enter. This is a space that you can not clean, so if you wait to long you could even end up with a cavity as well. In short, by not having this looked at immediately you may end up with much bigger problems than what you originally started with, and possibly a much larger bill in the end.

From what you’ve read above, it is really always best to seek out emergency dental services when you have a tooth that has become compromised due to an injury. Putting it off until later will leave you dealing with unnecessary pain and possibly worse issue. If you have a cracked tooth you should give us a call right away.

Do You Know An Emergency Dentist In Rochester?

A dental nurseWhy You Should Have A Rochester Emergency Dentist On Speed Dial

In my line of work, you see a lot of accidents and emergency situations. A person can’t be prepared for every situation, after all, and sometimes accidents happen. But the worst situations occur when teeth and mouth injuries could have been repaired less expensively if the patient had gotten to a local emergency dentist in time.

One such accident involved a patient’s chipped front tooth. Chipped is the technical term, what had actually happened was that he’d tripped and fallen, and his right front tooth literally broke in half. Now, had he gotten the tooth to our Rochester dental office quickly, I could have used a dental epoxy to essentially glue the tooth back together. The tooth would have been as good as new, more or less, and it would have cost less than one hundred dollars to fix his broken tooth.

Unfortunately, the patient waited until the next day to come in during regular office hours. By that time, the tooth piece had dried out, and could not be epoxied back together. It was unfortunate, but the patient required a full root canal and a replacement tooth, which was much more costly than one hundred dollars.

There are many situations that happen in a similar vein. It’s always unfortunate when a patient can get less expensive care rather than having to have full dental surgery performed, and yet the patient chooses to wait. When you have a tooth injury, waiting doesn’t do anything other than allow the injury to worsen.

That’s why you should always have the name and number of an emergency dentist on hand. You never know when you might trip and fall, and cause damage to your mouth or teeth. Or have something come flying at you. There are a number of possible dangers in the world, don’t let them get the best of you.

Accidents Can Happen. This Is Why We Provide Emergency Dental Care

A dentist fixing a patient's broken toothAccidents can happen at any time. If an accident caused a tooth to be loosened, fractured, or knocked out, you need to contact our dental emergency clinic in Rochester, NY right away so we can save your tooth.

Why do you need to see us immediately? For one thing, if you see us in time, there is a very good chance that we can save your tooth. If you wait too long, you may end up losing your tooth permanently.

We always make time for our emergency patients. When you call us, we will make an emergency appointment for you and see you right away.

Before you head to our clinic, there a few first-aid procedures that you should do. If your tooth was knocked out, pick up your tooth by the crown and not by the root. The root has cells that will be needed for the tooth to reattach to the bone. Touching it may damage these cells. Gently rinse the tooth to remove any dirt, but do not remove any tissue that may be attached it. Avoid scrubbing. If you can, gently put the tooth back into the socket and keep it in place. This will keep the tooth moist until we can reattach it. If the tooth cannot stay in place, put it in a small amount of milk or saliva.

If your tooth is knocked out of position, use a very light touch to reposition it carefully, then bite down to keep it from moving. If the tissue inside your mouth is injured, like a cut to your cheek or gums, rinse gently with warm water and apply a cold pack to your face to keep the swelling down.

We will help relieve your pain and will do everything we can to save your broken tooth. Remember, do not delay. Call us with your dental emergency and we will help you get back your beautiful smile.

3 Steps To Take If You Have A Dental Emergency

A dentist with a patientIf you’re having a dental emergency it is very important for you to follow the three steps to make sure you pain goes away fast.

Step One: Get The Pain To Stop

You might not have access to our services straight away, but that you can do something to produce the anguish stop. Try some non-prescription pain medications, after which use clove oil about the area. That, or try one of the numbing agents which can be sold at the store. Know that this will likely only help just a little, and having the emergency taken care of quickly enables that you can be out of pain as quickly as possible.

2. Give Our Rochester, NY Dental Office A Phone Call

You have to let us know that you’re seeking to get aid in your emergency when you can so that you can to go into to find out our professionals. The key is never to be concerned about what time that it is and try to use our contact information to gain access to touch with someone or at a minimum leave a note. We understand exactly how much dental pain hurts, and so we are going to be able to get you into get help quickly. Remember, the more you wait the worse the trouble probably will get.

3. Follow Instructions Both Before And After Your Appointment

When you call us to setup an appointment just ask about what to do to relieve your pain. We will tell you what you could take and how long you should probably avoid things before going into get the help of us. Make certain that after your procedure, you follow the guidelines we provide on whatever you can eat and whether or not you can do such things as smoke. As an illustration, should you get a tooth pulled and smoke immediately afterwards you can find a dry socket which is painful and result in the healing taking an extended period.

Following the 3 steps outlined above should help you avoid any unnecessary suffering.