Broken Teeth Repair in Rochester, NY

Follow These Steps When You Have A Broken Tooth

Your teeth are one of your most observed and noticeable physical assets, and of course you strive to take proper care of them. Accompanying this fact is the knowledge that your teeth are heavy traffic areas as far as your body is concerned.

Accidents happen and people age, and maintaining your teeth is a constant process. One situation that can occur without notice is a broken tooth. You could be anywhere, and it could be any time of the day. So what steps do you take when you have a broken tooth?

A broken tooth can happen due to a variety of different circumstances. And, when this occurs, your dentist is going to have options for you to consider depending on your specific situation.

First, with a broken tooth, you’re going to want to contact a dentist immediately. If you can, be prepared ahead of time with an emergency dental number you can call on in case situations like these arise after hours.

dental care for broken teeth in rochester nyAlso, when the breakage occurs, if there is pain, you need to take an over-the-counter pain reliever as you working on getting to the dentist. You can also use salt water to rinse your mouth out to help reduce pain.

Now that you’ve taken steps to dull the pain and handled your business with getting a hold of a dentist, it’s time to address your mouth. Are there any jagged edges? If so, use a piece of gum or something similar to cover the jagged edge in your mouth to prevent yourself from cutting the inside of your mouth.

If the tooth is not broken due to decay, then it’s possible the dentist will be able to directly repair your tooth. Either way, he or she will be able to repair the tooth using one of a variety of procedures.

Contact an emergency dentist in Rochester, NY if you need a broken tooth repaired.