Abscessed Teeth Are Serious Dental Emergencies

A woman with facial swelling from a dental abscessThere is no question that not only is an abscessed tooth painful, but it can also be extremely hazardous to one’s overall health.

An abscessed tooth refers to a tooth that has an infection either inside or around it. That abscess can lead to a wide variety of other health issues.

While some people may want to discount an abscessed tooth as “just another dental issue,” the truth is that it’s much more serious than that! Some of the signs include extreme pain, bad breath, and swelling of the gums. These are bad enough, but an abscessed tooth goes well beyond that.

There are more and more reports coming out that abscessed teeth are leading to additional infections. These infections can lead to headaches, migraines, fevers, and in some extreme cases even death.

This is why an abscessed tooth is a dental emergency. Aside from the extreme pain, that infection can lead to brain damage and death, or heart attack and death. The gums are a sensitive area in the mouth, which means the infection can easily spread to parts of the body with fatal results.

Don’t take the appearance of an abscessed tooth lightly. Even if a dentist can’t get you in for immediate tooth work or removal, if needed, they do have the ability to prescribe both painkillers and antibiotics to help fight and corral the infection.

This is critical. When you see serious swelling in the gums and jaw, those are very dangerous signs that the infection is spreading beyond the abscessed tooth. You need high quality dental care fast and you need to treat any signs of an abscessed tooth as an emergency dental procedure.

More than any other dental issue, a dental abscess can cause serious health ramifications. Don’t treat them lightly!

If you suspect you have an abscess call a dentist in Rochester, NY immediately!

3 Steps To Take If You Have A Dental Emergency

A dentist with a patientIf you’re having a dental emergency it is very important for you to follow the three steps to make sure you pain goes away fast.

Step One: Get The Pain To Stop

You might not have access to our services straight away, but that you can do something to produce the anguish stop. Try some non-prescription pain medications, after which use clove oil about the area. That, or try one of the numbing agents which can be sold at the store. Know that this will likely only help just a little, and having the emergency taken care of quickly enables that you can be out of pain as quickly as possible.

2. Give Our Rochester, NY Dental Office A Phone Call

You have to let us know that you’re seeking to get aid in your emergency when you can so that you can to go into to find out our professionals. The key is never to be concerned about what time that it is and try to use our contact information to gain access to touch with someone or at a minimum leave a note. We understand exactly how much dental pain hurts, and so we are going to be able to get you into get help quickly. Remember, the more you wait the worse the trouble probably will get.

3. Follow Instructions Both Before And After Your Appointment

When you call us to setup an appointment just ask about what to do to relieve your pain. We will tell you what you could take and how long you should probably avoid things before going into get the help of us. Make certain that after your procedure, you follow the guidelines we provide on whatever you can eat and whether or not you can do such things as smoke. As an illustration, should you get a tooth pulled and smoke immediately afterwards you can find a dry socket which is painful and result in the healing taking an extended period.

Following the 3 steps outlined above should help you avoid any unnecessary suffering.