A Toothache That Caused a Truck Accident

If you’ve ever had a painful toothache you know how debilitating they can be.  In fact, they can be so excruciating that the pain can contribute to an auto accident. If you doubt this then you’ll want to read a recent online news report found at nzherald.co.nz about a truck driver who blamed his recent accident on a painful toothache:

A driver’s toothache caused a “momentary loss of concentration” when a logging truck overturned, says his lawyer. In the Masterton District Court on Monday, Tony Andrew Lloyd, 31, of Carterton, pleaded guilty to one charge of careless driving on Te Wharau Rd on February 24. His lawyer, James Elliott, said on the day in question his client had been suffering from a toothache which had caused a momentary loss of concentration.

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If you have a toothache get yourself to a dentist immediately. Tooth pain is NOT normal and can be the sign of a very serious condition, can lead to the loss of your tooth, or as in the situation mentioned above, cause an accident. We offer dental care for toothaches in Rochester, NY. Give us a call and we’ll get you out of pain, fast.

See Us For All Pediatric Dental Emergencies in Rochester

A child with a dental emergencyDental emergencies often happen to children. By nature, children are active, and damage to teeth are not uncommon. A tooth can be knocked out while the child is playing on the playground. It can be knocked out if a ball strikes his face while he is playing in a ball game. Whatever the cause, if a tooth is knocked out or knocked loose due to an accident or trauma, you should contact our office right away.

Even if the tooth affected is a baby tooth, you should take your child to our office right away so that we can evaluate your child’s condition. We can see if there is risk of an abscess developing in the injured gums. We will help reduce the pain that your child may be feeling. We will give you advice on how to manage the condition of the injured site in the immediate days following the injury.

If the tooth knocked out is a permanent tooth, you should take your child to see us right away so that we can save the tooth and replant it. Before you come, rinse the tooth very carefully of dirt without washing off any of the tissues on the root. Touch only the crown and not the root. If you can, gently reinsert the tooth back into the socket. Place a piece of gauze on top of the tooth and instruct your child to bite down gently on it to keep the tooth in place. If your child is too young to do this, or if your child is too upset to follow your instructions, put the tooth in a cup of milk to preserve it. If a cold compress is available, apply it to the outside of his face to control pain and swelling. Call us and we will see your child right away.

Aside from trauma, if your child experiences a toothache for any reason and the pain persists, give us a call. There may be a hidden infection that needs to be treated. Do not assume that the pain will go away on its own. Early treatment can save your child from bigger problems.

Call Us For Pediatric Emergency
Dental Care in Rochester, NY

We understand that children can be fearful of the dentist. Our highly trained staff knows how to mitigate the fear that your child may feel when he comes to our office. We will do everything possible to reduce the pain and help your child feel more comfortable. We will take the best care of your child as we work to treat the dental emergency.

Any time when there is damage to your child’s teeth, or when your child experiences pain or swelling in his gums, call us immediately. We can handle all kinds of pediatric dental emergencies and will provide your child with the highest quality of care.

Common Causes and Treatments For Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are one of the most common oral health issues I have treated in my entire career as a dentist. Gum swelling can be a sign of a more serious oral symptom, but many patients tend to ignore it, thinking that it will not last for long. However, I always recommend that patients seek the help of a professional as soon as they learn about the condition. Read on and learn more about the causes of swollen gums and what you should do to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

What Are The Common Causes Of Swollen Gums?

  • Gingivitis is the most common cause of swollen gums. It can range from mild inflammation to severe gum damage, leading to tooth loss if left untreated.
  • Certain medications have the side effect of causing swelling in the gums.
  • Poor nutrition is also to blame for gum swelling, particularly lack in Vitamin C. Not eating a healthy diet can lead to a wealth of oral issues.
  • Switching brands of toothpaste or mouthwash can also lead to gum disease. This may be due to a reaction between a certain ingredient in the new brand and your gum tissues, leading to inflammation.

What Should You Do If You Have Swollen Gums in Rochester, NY?

As I mentioned earlier, always contact your dental professional when you see signs of gum swelling. While waiting for your appointment, here are some things I recommend to help you feel better and minimize the swelling.

  1. Rinse your mouth with salt water. Simply mix a pinch of salt in a glass of water and wash your mouth thoroughly with the solution. This is an easy way to alleviate pain caused by gum swelling.
  2. Avoid caffeinated beverages and soda. These drinks can further increase the irritation in your gum tissues. Also stay away from alcohol and tobacco.
  3. Eat healthy. Add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, especially those rich in Vitamin C.
  4. Practice good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is the best way to recover from gum disease and prevent other oral health problems.
  5. Don’t ignore the problem. Simply dismissing it as something you can endure will not help. Visit a professional to determine the exact cause of your swollen gums and whether it’s a symptom of a more serious health condition.

While there are treatments available for gum disease, I still recommend taking steps to prevent the disease in the first place. Practicing good oral hygiene, eating healthy and visiting your dentist regularly may be just what you need to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Treating Tooth Pain Is One Of Our Specialties

Everyone wants to live a life free of tooth troubles. As dentists, we don’t stand in the way of that dream – we want to help make it a reality for all of our patients! Tooth pain is one of the dental troubles that many people try to ignore. It’s much better to consult a professional and address the source of the pain than to try and “tough it out.”

The Potential Causes Of Tooth Pain

Ordinary tooth decay is at the root of most tooth pain. Cavities, abscesses, bacterial infections, or damage to dental fillings can all cause long-term tooth pain. Signs of serious trouble include long-term pain, (lasting more than a day or two) fever, headache, difficulty opening the jaws, (including an increase in the intensity of other symptoms when the mouth is opened wide) and persistent foul tastes.

Because most of the different causes of chronic tooth pain are significant and can get worse if left untreated, it’s important to contact a dentist when experiencing the symptoms listed above. Immediate treatment is the easiest way to alleviate pain and prevent more serious dental trouble.

The Importance Of Professional Care For Toothaches

Depending on the root cause of tooth pain, dentists can take several different steps to provide effective treatment. First, we’ll perform a comprehensive physical exam to identify the source of the problem. X-rays may or may not be necessary. Damaged fillings will be repaired. If a cavity is to blame, a new filling will be installed. Antibiotics are prescribed to deal with bacterial infections of the teeth or gums. In certain cases, we can even use cold laser treatment to direct alleviate pain and swelling.

As dentists, we see patients who delay too much before calling us all too often. Don’t be one of these unfortunates! Get in touch with us as soon as you experience persistent tooth pain. We can find out what your problem is and fix it fast.

The Facts About Broken Teeth and What To Do About Them

Have you ever bitten down on a piece of hard candy and then discovered something in your mouth that will not dissolve or melt? If this has happened to you then you will understand the sickening feeling that you get when you realize that you have broken off a piece of your tooth.

You realize that covering on your teeth, which is called enamel, is a mineralized tissue that is the hardest in your body? People often take their teeth for granted. They think that their teeth are indestructible and can bite on just about anything without causing damage. However, this is not true. Your teeth and its enamel do have a limit.

Many athletes soon realize this fact when they play a contact sport such as hockey, football, or rugby. Have you ever noticed that many hockey players are missing their front teeth? The reason why this is true is because a galvanized hard rubber puck will usually have an encounter with their teeth. The puck will always be the victor and the teeth will be the losers.

The teeth will obviously have more susceptibility to breakage if they’re not taken care of properly. Tooth decay can cause a tooth to easily chip or break when contacted by something hard. The question remains though, what should a person do if they suddenly discover that a tooth is chipped or broken?

The first thing that you should do is to make a dental appointment with your family dentist as soon as possible. If you decide to not take this advice, the damage to could possibly become infected which could lead to you losing that tooth. You never want to lose a tooth if there are options to save it.

While you wait for your dental appointment you may be experiencing pain. If that is true in your case you can take some type of painkiller to deaden the pain until you visit your dentist. Also, take some salt and dissolve it in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with the solution. If there is a jagged edge on your tooth that is cutting into your lip you can cover your broken tooth with a piece of chewing gum.

The bottom line is to visit a dentist as soon as possible. He or she will be able to provide you with a dental crown or a filling that will allow you to once again enjoy your set of teeth.

When Do You Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are used to treat, repair and save teeth that are badly infected or decayed. During the procedure the infected nerve is removed, as well as any damaged tissue. This eliminates pain, and halts the spread of infection to your jaw bone, or in worst case scenarios, your central nervous system. Although your dentist will ultimately determine if you need a root canal, knowing what the signs are can help you seek prompt medical attention and avoid a more serious problem.

Tooth Pain or Jaw Pain

Tooth pain is one of the most obvious signs that something is amiss, and shouldn’t be ignored. If you are suffering from a tooth ache or jaw pain, it’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible in order to determine the cause, and make sure you aren’t in need of a root canal. Because tooth pain is usually cause by inflammation of the nerve in the tooth, this is a common sign of advanced infection and should be dealt with very quickly.

Lumps Or Swelling On Gums

If you find a lump on your gum that wasn’t there before, it could be an abscess and could indicate that you are in need of a root canal. Although in some cases the lump will be accompanied by pain and throbbing, in advanced cases the nerve might already be dead, and the infection is seeping into the gum. This should be taken very seriously, as the bacteria can make it’s way into the central nervous system leading to hospitalization, and in some cases death.

Emergency Root Canal In Rochester, NY

If you have been suffering from tooth pain, jaw pain, or have discovered a lump on your gums, you might need a root canal. Scheduling an appointment with your dentist is the best way to determine what is needed and avoid more serious complications.

We are located in Rochester and offer all local residents our services if you need an examination to determine if you need root canal treatment in Rochester, NY. We offer this on an emergency basis as well because the delaying treatment is not advisable as discussed above.

Need Your Dentures Repaired? Don’t Try To Do It On Your Own

Here’s why you should not try to repair your own dentures…

Has this ever happened to you? After enjoying a crispy snack you suddenly hear a disturbing sound coming from the inside of your month – it’s your denture! What should you do next?

Many people make the common mistake of attempting to fix their own dentures. In fact, some will even spend money buying products that they believe could help them repair their dentures on their own.

However, this is NOT a good idea. Regardless of how small the chip or crack may be, if it needs repairing, you need to see your dental professional as soon as possible. This is a situation that can’t be done on your own, no matter how skilled you may be when it comes to fixing things inside your home.

Reality check: we are not talking about a tiny plumbing issue that you can easily fix, or a small hole under your kitchen sink. It’s your dentures that we’re talking about, and only experienced professionals know what the best thing to do is.

Although there are DIY reliners that can be easily purchased out there, improper repair can cause severe pressure to your jaw. If this happens, your jawbone can be affected, which even puts your oral health at greater risk. Don’t take the chances. We understand that you’re trying to save money, and by attempting on fixing your dentures on your own, it may initially appear that you’ve saved tons!

However, it’s the other way around. Most of the time, these DIY solutions can irritate and damage your mouth’s soft tissues. In fact, some of these DIY repairs have shown to have irreparable damage, which will cost you more money in the long run.

Instead of spending your money into a reliner that may not even work at all, why not go straight ahead to your local dentist to make sure that everything will be repaired correctly?

Denture Repair in Rochester NY

Remember, we’re here to make sure that you’ll always have that best smile – we can help you – don’t settle with mediocre solutions that won’t even last a day, or repairs that can put your oral health at risk. If you need your dentures repaired in the Rochester NY area then give us a call. In fact, in many cases we can repair your dentures the same day you bring them in so you’ll never be without your teeth!

Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

Are you prepared for a dental emergency? This may seem like a silly question but it happens to hundreds of people each day. Unfortunately, most of these people are not prepared for this type of an emergency.

One of the main things that you need to know about a dental emergency is that you need to contact your dentist as soon as possible. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is to have all of his contact information on your phone. This will allow you to make an appointment.

Most people do not realize that the majority of dentists set aside a bit of time each day for emergencies. Therefore, never assume that your dentist will be too busy to see if you have a dental emergency. A dental emergency takes priority in most dental offices.

When you have a dental emergency there are things that you can do while you wait for your appointment. Obviously, if you are in pain you will need to take some type of pain medication. It should be noted that you can probably save your tooth if you see the dentist within the first two hours.

If you have a tooth that has been knocked out of your mouth you will need to visit your dentist immediately. Make sure that you pick up the tooth by the crown and do not touch any part of an exposed root. Take the tooth and gently wash it in lukewarm water. Do not try to scrub the tooth clean or remove any of the attached tissue.

If you are doing this in a sink make sure that you have the drain cover in place so as to not accidentally wash your tooth down the drain. Then take your choose with you to your dental appointment.

Emergency Dental Care Services: On Your Schedule, Not Ours!

They’re not called emergencies because they’re easy to plan for and there’s a lot of advanced notice. Dental emergencies can be especially troubling. There’s pain, there can be root and tooth damage, and there’s a race against the clock to minimize the damage.

So what are you supposed to do when the local dental offices are are closed or booked up for weeks to come? We understand that dental emergencies are just that: emergencies. You can’t wait several weeks for an appointment to open up, and you’re not going to ignore the pain.

Dental emergencies are emergencies, and we understand with sympathy and compassion. No one likes having a damaged tooth or a sudden injury that causes root damage, severe pain, or any combination of these things. That’s why we believe in getting you in as quickly as possible when an emergency does occur.

Call our Rochester dental office and let us know about the situation. While we can’t know for sure what needs to be done until the in-office examination and possible x-rays, giving us an idea of how the injury took place can help us more quickly figure out the likely actions we need to take to help you out.

You want pain relief, you want any dental damage contained, and if we can save the tooth we want to do that, too. Emergency dental care never comes at a convenient time, but we’re here to try and meet as many of your needs as possible!

Never put off needed dental care. A small problem can become a huge one, and while the pain might go away for a little bit, the issue will never get better without proper dental attention. Let our caring and experienced professionals take care of any emergency issues you have and help restore that smile to its full toothy beauty!

The Consequences Of DIY Denture Repairs

There is a myth running around that people can effectively fix their own dentures with the same quality as a dentist would. This myth is being supported by several DIY dental packages that claim dental care can be done in the comfort of your own home.

My response to this would be to consider the facts carefully before attempting any repairs yourself. It’s understandable that people are looking for quick and cost-effective solutions, but the consequences will only cause more damage.

First and foremost, look at the time it takes for dentures to be made. The whole procedure from making the mold, sending it to a laboratory to be made and getting it to fit perfectly takes several days. The reason for this delay is because we aren’t willing to take any chances when it comes to oral health. Several issues can surface when dentures don’t fit perfectly.

Apart from the damage that can be caused to your oral cavity, it can lead to a lot of discomfort, pain while chewing, irritation to the mouth tissue and even bone loss. Using adhesive to quickly repair your dentures will most likely do more harm than anything else.

These issues speak to any denture repairs. Even though it might look the same after you’ve applied the glue, the slightest difference results in massive pain, which can also cause other health problems.

One of the most important elements of repairing dentures is understanding why they broke in the first place. Without clearly discovering the source of the problem it can’t be fixed properly. In many cases we are forced to send the dentures back to the laboratory for long-term repairs and this isn’t done to waste time or money. We do it because your mouth is a very sensitive area and we simply cannot allow anything less than perfect to be placed inside.

Even the replacement of a single tooth needs experience from a professional, because if the tooth is not in the correct position it will affect the way your teeth come together in addition to influencing your dentures as a whole. There are times when dentures cannot be fixed and need to be replaced.

With this in mind I urge you to always consult a dentist when it comes to repairing your dentures. The amount of damage and pain that will be caused by doing it yourself is simply not worth the time you’ll save. This isn’t just an issue about getting the best treatment, but also about taking care of yourself properly.

If you need denture repair in the Rochester, NY area contact the dentists at emergencydentistrochesny.com to schedule an appointment.